Timing belt tensioner
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  • 8053799
    STARK, Timing belt tensioner
    Operating Mode: Hydraulic; Material: Aluminium;
  • 8053823
    STARK, Timing belt tensioner
    Required quantity: 1; Height 1 [mm]: 100; Height 2 [mm]: 55; Operating Mode: Hydraulic;
  • 8054218
    STARK, Timing belt tensioner
    Operating Mode: Hydraulic; Material: Aluminium; Outer diameter [mm]: 28,50; Track rollers material: Metal;
  • 8054554
    STARK, Timing belt tensioner
Advantages of Stark Professional Line timing belt tensioner
  • Durable materials. Housings of Stark Professional Line hydraulic tensioners are resistant to cracking, corrosion and mechanical damage. The O-ring cannot be destroyed under the influence of oil, remains flexible for long, and reliably seals the location of the component.
  • Carefully machined surfaces. The rod of the tensioner is polished and has low friction coefficient. This ensures smooth sliding and increases the service life of the component. Special spiral notches are made inside the housing, which limit the backward stroke.
  • Precise design. The minimum and carefully adjusted gap between the elements of the plunger pair contributes to high performance and efficiency of components. The elaborate location of oil channels and stable operation of the check valve maintain the operating pressure at the required level. It contributes to absorption of the vibrations caused by operation of the timing mechanism.
  • Springs resistant to compression. They retain optimal elasticity during the entire service life, and ensure efficient operation of the valve and the rod.