Engine cooler
Advantages of Stark Professional Line engine coolers

Improved heat transfer. The tubular and laminar design of Stark Professional Line engine coolers promotes rapid heat removal. Our engineers maximized the heat transfer area for protecting the engine from overheating even in the conditions of intensive operation.

Ultra-lightweight design. Stark Professional Line engine coolers are made of lightweight materials: aluminum alloy and heavy-duty plastic. Weight reduction contributes to fuel economy, and facilitates installation and maintenance of the component.

Install and drive. Installation of Stark Professional Line engine coolers requires no additional equipment, fixtures and design solutions. We have taken care about your convenience, and designed a component that is easy to install.

Durability test

  • Final element analysis. Using computer simulation, we studied properties of engine coolers in various conditions that simulated the real operating conditions. When designing and manufacturing Stark Professional Line engine coolers, the increased environmental temperature, deformation due to external forces and other factors were taken into account.
  • Performance test. Stark Professional Line engine coolers retain integrity even after intensive operation for a long time. The results of the tests showed that the high level of product durability removes the risk of leaking.