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    STARK, AC compressor
    Manufacturer Restriction: DELPHI-EQUIVALENT; Manufacturer Restriction: SANDEN-EQUIVALENT; Shape: Oval; Belt Pulley Ø [mm]: 105; Quality/ Grade: EASY FIT; Capacity Compressor [cc]: 122,8; Operating voltage [V]: 12; Supplementary Article/Info 2: with PAG compressor oil; Inlet Ø [mm]: 17,8; Outlet Ø [mm]: 11,9; Compressor Oil: PAG 46; Compressor ID: CVC; Compressor ID: SD6V12; Number of grooves: 6; Refrigerant: R 134a; Cylinder Head ID (Compressor): VGF / VGH;
Advantages of Stark Professional Line compressors for air conditioners
  • Compliance with the original equipment. Due to strict checking at all stages of the production, and testing of the finished products, the risk of manufacturing defects is absent. The design and technical parameters of Stark Professional Line compressors are identical to the characteristics of the genuine components.
  • Complete readiness for installation. Stark Professional Line compressors are pre-filled with the required amount of oil, and are ready for installation.
  • High efficiency. Components can operate in the conditions of high loads, and ensure comfortable climate in the passenger compartment even in the areas with harsh climate.
  • Fuel economy. Stark Professional Line compressors consume 15% less fuel than standard components of the same class. This results in a noticeable reduction of fuel consumption.
  • Prolonged service life. The piston rod is molybdenum-coated and is not prone to jamming, especially during the running-in period. This greatly increases the service life of the component.
  • High degree of protection from leaks. High-quality sealing elements have special configuration, and ensure seal of Stark Professional Line compressors throughout their service life.
  • Noiselessness. The balanced construction and the optimized system of lubricating material supply ensure low noise level during compressor operation.