Coolant temperature sensor
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    STARK, Coolant temperature sensor
    Colour: Black; Connector Shape: Round;
Advantages of Stark Professional Line coolant temperature sensors
  • Measurement accuracy. It is achieved due to the innovative design of the thermistor and resistance of the sensors to signals of other electronic devices.
  • Long service life. The housings of Stark Professional Line components are made of stainless steel and have special protective coating. It prevents component destruction under the influence of dirt, moisture and the components of coolant. The part of the housing where contacts are located is made of durable plastic that is resistant to cracking and melting. The special design of the connectors with special grooves ensures protection of electrical connections from oxidation and open circuit.
  • Resistance to temperature changes and vibrations. Stark Professional Line coolant temperature sensors can efficiently operate at the temperatures between −40 and +125 °C. The use of a special adhesive ensured secure attachment of the interior components, protecting them from vibration.
  • Response speed. It is achieved through high sensitivity of the measuring element, its specific shape and compact dimensions.
  • Special O-ring. It contributes to a tighter fit of the sensor to the location of installation, preventing coolant leakage.