Crankshaft pulley
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Advantages of Stark Professional Line crankshaft pulleys
  • They have excellent damping characteristics. The damping function is imposed on the rubber damping element. The elastomer layer retains its elasticity for a long time: it can withstand up to one million deformations per thousand kilometers.
  • Effective for the entire service life. Stark Professional Line crankshaft pulleys are made of alloys that are resistant to cracking, corrosion and aggressive chemicals. Being not prone to breaking, the fasteners ensure secure fixation of the components for the entire service life.
  • Equipped with teeth and grooves. They prevent slipping of the drive belt, and facilitate even distribution of force between the camshaft and the crankshaft.
  • Individual vacuum packaging. The volatile corrosion inhibitors inside the packaging ensure components protection from moisture during transportation and storage.
  • Compliance to the OE standards. The design and installation parameters of Stark Professional Line crankshaft are identical to the characteristics of the genuine equipment, so they are easy to install. All products undergo thorough testing and are highly efficient.