Advantages of Stark Professional Line components for air intake and exhaust systems
  • Reliability regardless of the conditions. Housings of Stark Professional Line sensors, dampers and valves of the air intake and exhaust system are resistant to extremely high temperatures and pressure. They ensure optimum engine performance even under increased loads, reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. Secure mounts firmly attach the components, preventing their damage from vibration.
  • Long service life. The components for air intake and exhaust systems are resistant to mechanical damage, deformation, the effect of exhaust gases. The wires have durable heat-resistant insulation, and are not prone to chafing or breaking. The contacts are covered with a protective composition that prevents their oxidation. Grinding and polishing of the mating surfaces reduces the level of abrasive wear. Sensitive components have film coating and are not prone to pollution.
  • Efficiency. Thanks to the built-in position sensors, exhaust gas recirculation valves and throttle valves ensure precise and timely adjustment of the working flow. It contributes to proper formation of the fuel-air mixture and improves engine performance.
  • Excellent operation characteristics. Stark Professional Line sensors and valves have advanced design and are highly sensitive and responsive. The use of the most advanced technological solutions contributes to improving their operation parameters. For example, the special structure of the bypass channels allowed to reduce the weight and the size of the mass air flow sensors, therefore, the risk of pressure drop in the air intake is minimized.