Wheel/hub bearing
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  • 7587651
    STARK, Wheel/hub bearing
    Width [mm]: 90; Parameter: Assy; Outer diameter [mm]: 135; Brakes- / Drive Dynamics Articles: for ABS;
  • 7587836
    STARK, Wheel/hub bearing
    Width [mm]: 99,5; Outer diameter [mm]: 136; Supplementary Article/Info 2: with integrated magnetic sensor ring;
  • 7587837
    STARK, Wheel/hub bearing
    Weight [kg]: 0,7; Height 1 [mm]: 37; Outer diameter 1 [mm]: 75; Inner diameter 1 [mm]: 42;
  • 7587858
    STARK, Wheel/hub bearing
    Width 1 [mm]: 13,9; Width 2 [mm]: 14,2; Outer diameter 1 [mm]: 39,9; Outer diameter 2 [mm]: 50,3; Inner diameter 1 [mm]: 17,5; Inner diameter 2 [mm]: 29;
  • 7587859
    STARK, Wheel/hub bearing
    Weight [kg]: 0,32; Height 1 [mm]: 37; Outer diameter 1 [mm]: 52; Inner diameter 1 [mm]: 25;
  • 7587860
    STARK, Wheel/hub bearing
    Height [mm]: 39.9; Inner diameter [mm]: 40; Outer diameter [mm]: 74; Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info: with add-on material;
  • 7587861
    STARK, Wheel/hub bearing
    Width [mm]: 69; Inner diameter [mm]: 32; Outer diameter [mm]: 137; Supplementary Article/Info 2: with integrated magnetic sensor ring;
  • 7587862
    STARK, Wheel/hub bearing
    Width [mm]: 37; Inner diameter [mm]: 39; Outer diameter [mm]: 75;
  • 7587863
    STARK, Wheel/hub bearing
    Width [mm]: 37,00; Inner diameter [mm]: 37,00; Outer diameter [mm]: 72,00;
  • 7587864
    STARK, Wheel/hub bearing
    Flange Ø [mm]: 137; Supplementary Article/Info 2: with integrated ABS sensor;
Stark Professional Line hub bearings: optimizing operation of your vehicle
  • Using modern equipment and lightweight highly durable steel alloys for manufacturing Stark Professional Line hub bearings made it possible to: exclude the possibility of components overheating, reduce friction of contacting elements of bearings, reduce the weight of the component, reduce the level of vibration.
  • Special chrome-alloyed super-hard steel of Stark Professional Line hub bearings ensures high durability of the component. The components are resistant to temperature fluctuations and to other external effects.
  • The design of the component allows proper load distribution over the surface of the bearing, thus preventing deformation and premature damage of the element.
  • To protect the metal surface from corrosion, Stark Professional Line hub bearings are covered with mineral oil. Then the bearings are placed into special packaging that provides tightness.
  • The hub bearing are assembled on conveyor lines according to all quality and ecological compatibility requirements to the process. The hub bearings are manufactured with the use of precision equipment. This increases their durability and minimizes the possibility of defects.