Drive shaft joint/drive shaft
Stark Professional Line drive shaft joints and drive shafts: ultimate endurance

Stark Professional Line drive shaft joints and drive shafts are developed with regard to their operating conditions, particularly high operation loads. Therefore, in the production process we use the latest technologies aimed at improving strength and corrosion resistance of our products. All our components are of the highest quality and can ensure the most efficient torque transmission from the engine to the drive wheels.

Stark Professional Line drive shafts and joints are made of alloys that are resistant to mechanical cracking and thermal deformation. Certain metal components, such as joint housings undergo special heat treatment to achieve high level of protection against corrosion. High quality dust caps, that are resistant to external effects, prevent fouling of moving junctions, and securely retain grease inside the unit. Due to the balanced design all Stark Professional Line drive components operate almost noiselessly.