Boost pressure sensor
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Advantages of Stark Professional Line boost pressure sensor and compressors
  • Precision of measurements and high response speed. Stark Professional Line pressure sensors do not react to the output signals of other electronic devices and noise interference. High-sensitivity strain gages guarantee accuracy of the transmitted signal even under the conditions of high vibrations and working pressure jumps.
  • Long service life. A special gel layer protects the diaphragm from moisture and gases. The vacuum chamber maintains integrity throughout the entire service life of the component. The housings of the sensors are resistant to cracking and melting. Contacts of the chip have special protective coating that prevents oxidation.
  • Resistance to pressure jumps. Stark Professional Line components can efficiently measure pressure in the range between 0.5 and 3 bar.
  • Compatibility with most popular car models. Stark Professional Line sensors are available in a wide range and fit almost all vehicles. They can be used as an alternative to the original equipment or installed as a part of engine tuning.