Clutch kit
Advantages of Stark Professional Line clutch kits
  • More contact area. Stark Professional Line clutch discs have damping properties. This allows to absorb vibrations transferred from the engine to the gearbox drive. The tight engagement with the flywheel is achieved through the specially designed friction pads of the disc.
  • Prolonged service life. The components of the Stark Professional Line clutch kits are designed taking into account various power capacities of the engines. Even in case of aggressive driving, the clutch engages quickly and smoothly. Friction pads of the clutch disc retain their shape and do not lose their properties even at a suddenly increased temperature.
  • Quality guarantee. For all products, including clutch kits, Professional Line Stark provides a 3 years warranty. The components are made on high-precision equipment, which eliminates the possibility of factory defects. The products undergo numerous tests that ultimately simulate the real conditions under high load. The task of Stark Professional Line engineers is to improve characteristics of the materials being used, improving comfort to the driver and reducing power loss during torque transmission.