The German company Stark Automotive joined the European market of car parts in 2013. Initially, only braking system parts came off the production line at our factories.Excellent quality became a hallmark of our products right from the beginning. Being highly praised by our customers, we could carve out a niche for ourselves on the car part market.


In 2014 we expanded our product range, introducing components for fuel system and suspension, and one year later we added engine parts, as well as cooling and ventilation systems. In 2016, interior elements also became available.


A wide production range is our primary advantage. Browse our user-friendly catalogue on the website to view Stark Professional Line products. PDF Catalogs
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Why choose Stark Professional Line over other brands
Exceptional value We use special equipment to test out each and every spare part and measure their performance and compliance with industry standards.
10 000 +
Top parts for your car A huge range of more than 10,000 car parts.
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