Ignition cable set
Advantages of Stark Professional Line high-voltage ignition wires
  • Durable insulating layer. The silicone shell of Stark Professional Line high-voltage wires is characterized by high durability, resistance to heat, oils and gasoline. It effectively protects the core of the wires from mechanical damage, moisture and dirt.
  • High conductivity. The core of Stark Professional Line wires is made of non-metal conductive material or copper wire with tin coating. It has a low resistance and ensures efficient transfer of voltage from the coil to the spark plugs.
  • Durability. Stark Professional Line high voltage wires are resistant to cracking, and retain their properties for several years.
  • Reliable attachment of the conductive terminals. It is achieved through the use of special crimping equipment.
  • Resistance to corrosion. Thanks to special coating and special treatment, contacts of high-voltage wires are not oxidized under the influence of moisture.
  • Resistance to radio interference. In wires with high-carbon fiberglass core, protection from electromagnetic radiation is ensured by the silicone layer, in wires with copper core — by special resistors.