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Advantages of Stark Professional Line steering rods
  • Corrosion resistant. Stark Professional Line steering rods are made of special alloys and undergo special treatment. Therefore, they are not damaged under the influence of moisture and dirt. Components’ high resistance to corrosion is confirmed by the results of 24-hour salt fog testing.
  • They are protected from external effects. High quality elastic dust caps provided for the hinges of Stark Professional Line steering rods can retain their initial properties for a long time. They withstand extreme temperatures well, are resistant to mechanical damage and road reactants, and ensure long protection of moving joints from moisture and dirt.
  • They efficiently dampen vibrations. Stark Professional Line ball heads and hinges inserts not only withstand well increased mechanical loads, but also have excellent shock absorbing properties. This ensures protection of the suspension, and helps achieving high level of comfort for driver and passengers.
  • Noiseless. The precise design, carefully chosen materials, the use of modern technology make operation of these components quiet and efficient.
  • Matches original components. The process of manufacturing Stark Professional Line steering rods is closely monitored at all stages. Therefore, the size and the shape of the components, and their specifications exactly match the characteristics of the genuine equipment. This guarantees ease of installation and good performance of the steering components. Installation of Stark Professional Line steering rods makes it possible to shorten the braking distance and ensures high accuracy of control over the vehicle.
  • Durability. The lubricant used in the hinges is resistant to temperature changes and contamination. This reduces wear of the mating parts, and ensures free sliding.