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High quality of Stark Professional Line V-belts
  • High efficiency. The special design of Stark Professional Line V-belts allows transmitting the torque with high efficiency. The minimum heating and snug fit of the belt to the pulleys ensure effective interaction of the drive system and its central mechanisms.
  • Absence of deformation. There is no need for periodic tension adjustment of Stark Professional Line V-belts, since they do not stretch and delaminate during operation.
  • Long service life. Due to the optimal distribution of internal stresses in the components, Stark Professional Line V-belts are resistant to abrasion and wear. In addition, the elastic fabric of the cord ensures resistance to the fatigue and shock loads and resists the bending forces. High quality material of V-belts is resistant to moisture and lubricants and ensures the wide range of operating temperatures: −30 °C to +70 °C.
  • Low level of vibration and noise. Smooth and steady operation of Stark Professional Line belts is achieved due to the high level of elasticity of the material. This contributes to eliminate vibration and noise.
  • Multistage quality control system. During tests Stark Professional Line V-belts are subjected to intense operation in harsh conditions that simulate the maximum allowed loads.