Timing pulleys
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Advantages of Stark Professional Line camshaft pulleys
  • Resistance to wear. Thorough treatment of the contacting surfaces ensures the optimum coefficient of friction, preventing premature wear of the bearing unit elements. Increased width between the outer and the inner rings allows holding more lubricant, which also contributes to wear resistance.
  • Noiseless. The precise design and adjusted gaps ensure quiet and smooth operation of the bearing.
  • Well protected from turning-through. The special corrugation on the outer ring of the bearing contributes to a better contact of the contacting parts, preventing their misalignment.
  • They have improved characteristics. The cages of Stark Professional Line camshaft bearings and pulleys may be made of durable plastic, which is resistant to cracking and abrasion. This significantly reduces the coefficient of friction in the internal components of the bearing, and increases the efficiency of the unit.
  • Sealed-in. Plastic or steel protective caps prevent ingress of foreign objects and dirt into the components. High quality seals keep the lubricant inside within the entire service life of the components.