Wiper motor
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An ideal solution for your vehicle — Stark Professional Line wiper motors
  • The optimal wiping speed. Our wiper motors operate in several modes, each being designed for the maximum performance and system efficiency.
  • Noiselessness. Each component is designed to ensure the minimum noise during operation. We have also minimized the vibration level, which significantly prolonged the service life of the components.
  • Reliability. In creating Stark Professional Line wiper motors, we use only high-quality durable metal. Therefore, the component is resistant to mechanical damage and excessive loads, moisture, dirt, and dust.

Multi-level quality control

Stark Professional Line wiper motors are carefully checked. Tests are performed at each stage of component manufacture, from design to the finished part. The primary methods of checking in the last stage are:

  • Hundreds of active work cycles. This way, we check whether the component can ensure the maximum performance of the wiper system.
  • Testing the performance in harsh climatic conditions. We can guarantee excellent performance of wiper motors only after testing them in the worst possible conditions. Be it strong wind, rain, snow, or dust - Stark Professional Line wiper motors are ready for anything.

The results of checks allow us to provide a 3 year warranty on our wiper motors.