Advantages of Stark Professional Line engine filters

High quality of cleaning. The special structure of the filtering element and the combination of cellulose and synthetic non-woven fabric contribute to efficient removal of the finest contaminants from the working fluids. For example, Stark Professional Line engine air filters capture up to 99.98 % of all particles starting with 3 µm contained in the intake air.

Excellent filter efficiency. The paper or synthetic material laid in a special way features low hydraulic resistance. With that, the quality of filtering remains high. Oil filters are fitted with a by-pass and a return valve that ensure timely supply of the lubricant to the components of the engine in cold start conditions.

Efficiency throughout the entire service life. Stark Professional Line filtering elements feature increased volume and surface area. Therefore, they can capture more contaminants.

Resistance to deformation and mechanical damage. For the maximum strength, the paper is treated with special resins. The filtering element retains its shape during the entire service life.

Compliance to the OE standards. The installation dimensions and design of Stark Professional Line engine filters match the parameters of the genuine equipment. This ensures easy installation and the maximum output of the components.