Air flow meter
Stark Professional Line mass air flow sensor is the key to correct engine operation
  • Accuracy of readings. Mass airflow sensor made by German company Stark Professional Line correctly performs its functions in all operating conditions. Due to the special material of the housing with the coating resistant to external factors, accuracy of readings does not depend on the temperature or humidity of the intake air.
  • Innovative design. Accuracy and duration of the component service life is achieved through the use of specially developed coating of the sensor element and improved design of the entire sensor. These factors allow the platinum strings to quickly and accurately respond to changes in the amount of air that gets into the engine.
  • Ease of installation. Stark Professional Line mass air flow sensor is easy to install without assistance, special skills and knowledge.
  • Warranty. Stark Professional Line provides a 3 year warranty on all its products — we are confident in what we are doing.

Mandatory quality check

Checking components at all stages of production is a distinctive feature of the Stark Professional Line company. Multi-level testing allows achieving the desired result and obtaining a sensor that ensures optimal operation of the vehicle.

Post-production quality check of mass air flow sensors is performed with special equipment. Each component is tested in a wide range of temperatures that imitate extreme operating conditions.