Advantages of Stark Professional Line throttle valves and their components
  • High reaction speed. The improved design of accelerator pedal and throttle valve position sensors and the modern manufacturing technology contribute to fast transmission and processing of electrical signals. This speeds up the throttle valve and improves dynamic characteristics of the vehicle.
  • Wide range of settings. Allows adjusting the throttle valve in accordance with the specifications of the engine and your individual driving style.
  • Reliability. Stark Professional Line contact tracks and sliders of throttle position sensors are resistant to abrasion. Therefore efficiency of the components is maintained even after long-time use. Elements of the spring mechanism do not lose elasticity during the entire service life, ensuring stability of the valve return movement. High quality insulating materials prevent wires fouling and significantly reduce the risk of short circuit.
  • Resistance to vibrations. The durable mounts perfectly attach the components and do not get loose over time. They prevent the negative effects of vibration on the elements of the components, thus increasing their service life.
  • Efficiency. The throttle valve disk has special Teflon coating that ensures its tight fit to the body of the component. The carefully adjusted gaps also increase efficiency of the throttle unit.