Water pump
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Stark Professional Line water pumps: premium cooling
  • Full compliance with the original parts
  • Prolonged service life
  • Guarantee of system tightness
  • Noiselessness
  • Multi-level quality control
  • Usage of new proprietary technologies

What makes Stark Professional Line water pumps the best on the market?

  • The housings of Stark Professional Line water pumps are manufactured with the use of die casting. The technology excludes formation of voids and cracks in the housing sidewalls.
  • Leaking of coolant from the joints of the water pump housing is fully eliminated.
  • The materials for elements of Stark Professional Line water pumps withstand sudden temperature changes. Therefore, they feature increased service life.
  • The multiblade impeller reduces the load on the seal and the bearing, which prolongs service life and performance of the pump.
  • Due to the special geometry of the blades, the possibility of water hammer and subsequent damage by hydraulic impact is completely excluded.
  • The use of ultrafast bearings in Stark Professional Line water pumps allowed to reduce the noise level of the hydraulic unit and the load on moving elements.