Air filter
When it comes to choosing an air filter, Stark Professional Line is your ultimate choice
  • High level of engine efficiency. The use of advanced developments in manufacturing Stark Professional Line air filters made it possible to reduce resistance of the filtering element material. High throughput capacity of the filter ensures the maximum fuel combustion and improves efficiency of the engine.
  • Reliable engine protection. The material of the filtering element traps moisture, dust, dirt and other impurities. As a result, contamination of the internal cavities of the engine is minimized, which increases its service life.
  • Easy installation. The kit includes instructions for replacing the air filter for every car model. Now you will be able to replace it yourself.
  • Warranty. Stark Professional Line provides a 3-year warranty on the entire range of the automotive components.
  • Reduced fuel consumption. Due to the high air flow capacity of the filtering element, fuel consumption is reduced by 3-4% without reducing the engine power.