Clutch release bearing
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Advantages of Stark Professional Line clutch release bearings
  • Optimum coefficient of friction. It is achieved by careful polishing and treatment of the contacting surfaces. It ensures easy rotation of Stark Professional Line clutch release bearings, their reliable contact with the compression springs. Thus, premature abrasion of the elements is avoided.
  • Durability. Stark Professional Line clutch release bearings are operated under increased loads. The components are made of durable materials that are resistant to extreme temperature and mechanical impact.
  • High corrosion resistance. Housings of Stark Professional Line clutch release bearings are made of special alloys or high-strength polymer material, and do not break under the influence of moisture.
  • Wear resistant seals. The rubber elements are resistant to aggressive chemical substances, and retain flexibility and excellent performance properties at both low and high temperatures. They protect internal elements of bearing from moisture and fouling, and securely hold the lubricant inside the component.
  • High-quality lubricant. It retains viscosity even at extremely high temperatures.
  • Excellent damping properties. The precise design, carefully adjusted gaps, and optimal consistency of the working fluid in the hydraulic bearings contribute to efficient absorption of vibrations during transmission operation.