Quality control

High quality is essential to us when manufacturing car parts, since your safety depends on that. By carefully selecting the vendors that supply us with raw materials and overseeing closely the entire manufacturing process, we have ensured that the Stark Automotive becomes a hallmark of reliability and durability.


We care about your well-being  and the environment

Only the best materials and cutting-edge technologies are applied in producing Stark Automotive car parts. In order to perfect the performance of the materials used, we first create trial samples and examine them with metallographs. This allows us to reach ideal ratios for alloys and composite compounds. To protect the environment, we have discontinued the use of hazardous substances such as asbestos and heavy metals. 


Our car parts meet OE standards to the letter 

Stark Automotive car parts are guaranteed to fit your car: their size and shape are identical to the original ones. We attain 100% conformity to the original design by employing high-precision equipment and rigorously studying geometrical parameters of each detail. 


All car parts undergo multiple stages of testing

We use special equipment to test out each and every detail and measure their performance and compliance with industry standards. 
A certain number of samples are tested in environments imitating their service conditions.


We've got the best professionals on our team

Our employees are highly experienced. They regularly attend workshops and conferences to stay up to date with the latest developments in the industry.