Advantages of Stark Professional Line gaskets and o-rings for the engine
  • They are resistant to high temperature and pressure. Stark Professional Line gaskets and o-rings for the engine can withstand temperatures about 2000 °C and pressures over 200 bar. They retain their original shape, are not prone to deformation, and ensure system integrity regardless of the engine operation mode. The gaskets consist of several layers of durable composite material or metal alloy. Their surface may be covered with a special elastomeric composition that contributes to tight fit of the components.
  • They have excellent operational characteristics. O-rings are made of cast iron with graphite inclusions or stainless steel, their surface is tin, phosphate, chromium or molybdenum coated. Due to the microporous structure, it effectively absorbs oil and ensures optimum sliding of rings inside cylinders, preventing their premature abrasion. Stark Professional Line engine gaskets that are intended for sealing various joints of the engine can be made of rubber mixtures and paronite, the sealing properties of which are preserved over long time. Stark Professional Line accessories are not exposed to the action of water and aggressive compounds, such as gas, oil, and antifreeze.
  • Compact. Small thickness and light weight of the piston rings contribute to smooth sliding of mating parts, thus reducing fuel consumption and ensuring more efficient engine operation.