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Stark Professional Line valve cover gasket

Stark Professional Line valve cover gaskets stand for:

  • tightness of the connection;
  • resistance to the temperature and working fluids of the engine;
  • elasticity and wear resistance;
  • compatibility with original components.

Stark Professional Line valve cover gaskets ensure reliable engine protection

  • Careful selection of materials. For manufacturing Stark Professional Line valve cover gaskets, we use high quality heat resistant rubber. The material retains its properties and does not get destroyed under the action of gasoline, motor oil and other fluids of the car.
  • Technology of the future. Thanks to the use of advanced equipment, the size of the components matches the timing mechanism, and ensure its tightness.
  • 100 percent compliance. Buying Stark Professional Line valve cover gaskets for your vehicle model, you can be sure of full compliance of the component with the genuine component. During the design phase, engineers of Stark Professional Line carefully analyze the size, parameters and power characteristics of the engine, which allows us to produce a reliable component, and to increase its service life.
  • Durability test. To avoid premature wear, which may cause many malfunctions of the engine, we check quality of each component. Stark Professional Line valve cover gaskets pass numerous tests in various conditions: at critical motor temperatures, in presence of vibrations, under the influence of chemically active substances and dust. We strive to consider all possible factors that have a negative impact on the condition of the component.