Our first steps

The German company Stark Automotive joined the European market of car parts in 2013. Initially, only braking system parts came off the production line at our factories.


Excellent quality became a hallmark of our products right from the beginning. 

Being highly praised by our customers, we could carve out a niche for ourselves on the car part market. 


In 2014 we expanded our product range, introducing components for fuel system and suspension, and one year later we added engine parts, as well as cooling and ventilation systems. In 2016, interior elements also became available.


Achievements to date

Currently, Stark Automotive is a manufacturer with an impeccable reputation.  
Incorporating innovative technologies into our production process helped us to become one of the market leaders. 


Producing premium quality car parts with excellent performing characteristics is our highest priority.

For that reason, we thoroughly control every stage of production, using multi-level tests, which include high load conditions.


What makes us the best at what we do? 

A wide production range is our primary advantage. Browse our user-friendly catalogue on the website to view Stark Automotive products.


Your driving safety matters to us.

Your confidence when driving, regardless of the road quality, depends on every part of your car being of the highest durability and withstanding the biggest of strains. That's exactly the quality we offer!  Every spare part is of the quality on par with the original vehicle equipment, which ensures top performance of all units and systems within the vehicle. 


"Eco-friendly" is not just a word for us. 

Before launching any car part into production, we research and test thoroughly the materials that will go into the manufacturing. Our plants operate under stringent policies to meet current environmental standards. 


Technology: meet the future today.

We strive for perfection but we realize that it is ever so unattainable. As a company, Stark Automotive is constantly growing and expanding its manufacturing facilities, always opting for cutting-edge technologies. 


Stark Automotive car parts  are a result of top-notch professionals working as a team.

That's how you get the best results and achieve top quality! And that's the team behind the Stark Automotive brand.


Stark Automotive. For those who value quality.