Ignition coil
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Car owners choose Stark Professional Line ignition coils
  • Each Stark Professional Line ignition coil is tested for resistance to vibrations and temperature changes.
  • We changed the structure of Stark Professional Line ignition coils, which made it possible to improve contact of the component with spark plugs. Thus, the insulating properties have been improved, and energy loss was minimized.
  • The use of vacuum technology for applying epoxy coating guarantees durability of Stark Professional Line ignition coils.
  • The internal design of the ignition coil allows achieving the optimal magnetic force in each coil. The primary and secondary windings are tightly wound around the steel core, and their insulating coating features high degree of reliability. It allows avoiding internal voltage surges and short-circuits inside the component.
  • We use only proven materials for each component. This allows minimizing the possibility of deformation, cracking or other damage that may result in a failure.