V-ribbed belt
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Advantages of Stark Professional Line poly-V belts

They are intended to operation in a wide temperature range. Due to the special composition of the polymer material, Stark Professional Line poly-V-belts ensure full torque transmission at temperatures between −40 °C and +140 °C.

They show excellent operating properties. High performance of the belts is ensured by:

  • Low profile. It prevents belt slipping.
  • Special configuration of the ribs. Promotes tight fit to the pulley.
  • Polyester cords filaments. They ensure elasticity and strength of the V-belts under strong tension and high loads.

Noiseless. Stark Professional Line poly-V belts efficiently dampen sound waves and vibrations, providing driving comfort and preventing premature wear of the pulleys and the engine assemblies.

Durability. The service life of Stark Professional Line poly-V belts reaches 120,000 kilometers of mileage. This is facilitated by special additives in the compound that increases belt resistance to mechanical damages and oil, and abrasion-resistant outer braid, the special structure of which prevents abrasion of the components.