Advantages of Stark Professional Line sensors, valves, and engine electronic control units
  • High sensitivity. Stark Professional Line components are made of high-quality materials with the use of high precision equipment and state-of-the-art technology. Improved design ensures high response speed and guarantees measurement accuracy.
  • Resistance to short circuit. Durable insulating materials feature resistance to abrasion and breaking, and protect internal elements of the wires from external effects. High-quality lacquer coating prevents the risk of turn-to-turn short circuit.
  • Durability. Housings of the components are resistant to cracking, high pressure, melting, vibration, and chemicals. They preserve their tightness for a long time, preventing penetration of dirt, moisture and foreign objects inside the components.
  • Corrosion resistance. Metal components of Stark Professional Line sensors, valves, engine electronic control units undergo special treatment. Corrosion-resistant coating maintains integrity throughout the entire service life.
  • Reliability. Contacts of the chips have special coating and ensure stable transmission of electrical signals under any conditions and are resistant to oxidation and contamination. Quality resistors reduce the risk of burning caused by voltage surges.
  • Resistance to extremely high temperatures. Stark Professional Line valve components are made of special alloys, such as high steel alloy, gray cast iron with pearlitic structure and high content of carbon and cermet. They withstand extremely high temperatures well, feature optimal heat transfer, and ensure efficient engine operation even under high loads.