Lambda sensor
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    STARK, Lambda sensor
    Plug Type ID: 4 Wire; Spanner Size: 7/8"; Conductor Number: 4; Lambda Sensor: Heated; Number of used contacts: 4;
Advantages of Stark Professional Line lambda sensors
  • They meet the most advanced technological standards. Materials and design of Stark Professional Line oxygen sensors are being constantly improved. Installation of components of this brand ensures smooth and efficient operation of many systems of the vehicle and significantly reduces fuel consumption and concentration of harmful substances in the exhaust gases.
  • They are well protected from external effects. Housings of Stark Professional Line lambda sensors are made of stainless steel. The surface of the ceramic element is covered with a layer of aluminum oxide that prevents damage to the internal electrode. A special cover provides additional protection, which is especially important when poor quality fuel is used.
  • They are designed to operate in harsh conditions. A filter made of porous material prevents penetration of water and dirt into the sensor body, preventing its premature wear. The wires are resistant to vibrations and temperature changes. To ensure mechanical strength and high conductivity, the core of the component is made of steel and copper winding.
  • They are compatible with cars of most brands. The wide range of Stark Professional Line lambda sensors allows choosing the appropriate components for all popular models of vehicles.